Wanuskewin Heritage Park

The Park is about 5km north of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan

GPS Coordinates are N52 13.396 W106 35.859.
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The Wanuskewin Heritage Park is about 5 km north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The exhibition is informative and shows current art and historical findings. The trails explain the life of the people that have lived here over many generations. Since there is no written history book, the information comes from archaeological research and the many stories that were passed on from generation to generation.

Wanuskewin Heritage Park driveway to the Museum

Wanuskewin Heritage Park entrance

Cara Arkand in the Wanuskewin Heritage ParkWe had the pleasure to see the dance performance from Cara Arcand. It is not only the dance itself that captured our attention, but also Caras vivid description of seemingly small items such as a bead. The story how she received her beads and episodes from her life really proves the point that the cultural history can be passed on without a written document.

Cara Arkand performing a dance in the Wanuskewin Heritage Park

The park lives up the promise and did somehow provide some spiritual renewal and peace of mind to us. The trails may be short but nicely hidden from the daily noise and turmoil. The exhibition building is modern and offers a restaurant that made it easy to wait for an hour until the dance performance started.

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