Rabbit Lake Road and area

North of Marten River Provincial Park. North Bay District: Off Hwy 11, about 40km north of North Bay

GPS Coordinates are N46 55.217 W79 44.998.
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The Rabbit Lake Road is one of the bigger roads off the 11. About 22km north of the Marten River Provincial Park, the road connect to the Rabbit Lake.

Rabbit Lake Road is mostly Crown Land (Policy ID: G154r) and belongs to the North Bay District. Consult the Crown Land Use Policy Atlas from the Ministry of Natural Resources for current information. Provincial Parks are regulated by a different Policy ID. Be aware, there is usually no cell phone connection.Map Icon

This seems to be a popular lake for fishing. When we reached the Rabbit Lake, several cars with empty boat trailers were parked there.

Rabbit Lake Forest Access Road

The road to the Rabbit Lake is in good condition and numerous side roads in various conditions connect to other places and lakes. There are no signs for directions and maps or GPS devices are not very helpful.

Along Rabbit Lake Road Lake along Rabbit Lake Road

There is always something to see along the way.
Not always very pleasing to leave the Jeep - we got drenched at times.

Rabbit Lake Road in the rain

Rabbit Lake Road some cleanup required Some places just need a little bit of hands-on to get through.

And sometimes the lakes just don't drain fast enough and flood the road.
Pooling on Rabbit Lake Road

Some impressions from our trip. Wet ones ...

Rabbit Lake Road is wet

... and sunny ones. It did not always rain.

Rabbit Lake Road in the sun

Rabbit Lake Road at dusk Peace and quiet before dusk.

Canadian Shield along Rabbit Lake Road A beautiful display of the Canadian Shield. There is a rock plate under all the trees. Sometimes they lay bare, very impressive formations.

Signs of wildlife
Beaver Dam on Rabbit Lake Road It is almost impossible to miss the dams. Beavers are everywhere. When you find a dam and an active beaver house, be there at dawn or very early in the morning. There is a good chance you'll see them in action.

We came across these ducks and watched them for a while. Not all the birds are that easily spotted.
Ducks along Rabbit Lake Road

We almost missed this one.
Hawk along Rabbit Lake Road

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