ON-527 to Armstrong

August 13, 2016 - Day trip to Armstrong

GPS Coordinates are N50 17.9936 W89 2.518.
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The 527 connects Thunder Bay with Armstrong. It is a 250 km paved road. Armstrong is an outpost for fishing and offers many fly-in options and outfitters.

If you drive to Armstrong, make sure you have enough gas. Include taking side roads in your calculation. There is a gas station in Armstrong and possibly one or two along the way, but don't expect a 24 hour service. This information is from 2016 and might have changed.

For the Off Road Enthusiasts, the road is paved. But there are some Forest Service Roads along the way. Bring enough gasoline.

Did I mention the 250 km road? Take your time, enjoy the ride.

ON 527 to Armstrong

Have a look at the Service Roads, you may find something unexpected.

A short excursion along ON 527 to Armstrong

But also be prepared to see active logging.

Forestry worker along ON 527 to Armstrong

This trail was grown over and the rain from the past few days created some muddy stretches.

Fishing anybody? I didn't try, but everything I read about Armstrong mentions the great fishing opportunities.

Lake on way to Armstrong

This is actually the creek where we saw the eagle. You may notice the little black dot on top of the tree along the left side. Almost in the center of the image.

On the way to Armstrong

Eagle watching us This is why you have to stop frequently.

You are being watched.
Eagle in flight

The many lakes, bogs and streams never get boring.

On the way back fro Armstrong

On the way back, the sun has set.

It is getting dark

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