Highline to Poison Mountain in B.C.

August 1, 2016 - Trip to Poison Mountain British Columbia, we think?

GPS Coordinates are N50 52.2949 W122 10.31.
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The plan was to start from Moha, about 35km north-west from Lillooet and drive to the Big Bar Ferry that crosses the Faser River about 100km north of Lillooet.
There is a fast way to get to the Big Bar Ferry, but that wouldn't be fun.

For the Off Road Enthusiasts, the roads are partially maintained, some are washed out or washed away. Bring enough gasoline and don't travel alone.

Highline Road
The first spectacular pass to cross. The road is not paved and we drove part of it in heavy rain and lightning. The rain left it's marks.

Highline Road along rock face

The view is amazing and most of the Highline Road is narrow.
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Highline Road along river

Highline Road on gravel

And not all the cars make it safely. There was a note on the car that all the passengers were ok.

Overturned Car on Highline Road

Carpenter Lake and Bridge River
At the East end of the Carpenter Lake is a dam and this tunnel leads to the Bridge River.

End of Carpenter Lake

The scenery is absolutly breathtaking. This is the Bridge River.
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Bridge River

Naturally, we missed the Moha turn the first time and started the trip later than expected. We figured that out when we drove into Lillooet.

Poison Mountain
The road is all gravel and mostly in good shape. Much later we encountered the 'negative speed pumps' or Water Bars. Most of them about 1 meter wide and 30 cm deep. Unless you slow down to a crawl, you loose the axle.

Our excursion in Google Maps. The water bars are after the marker 'Left of Right' and my guess is that both the roads just end somewhere.

Trail to Poison Mountain forest

Trail to Poison Mountain hill side

Highline and Poison Mountain

Trail to Poison Mountain overgrown

This picture was taken just shortly before 8 in the evening. This was the time when we turned around.

Trail to Poison Mountain end of our journey

Anyway, this short clip from the trip from Moha to Moha. Yes, we turned around. Gas was low and it was getting dark.
YouTube clip to Poison mountain You Tube

We spent almost 5 hours on our Moha to Moha trip. We didn't pass a single vehicle, we didn't see another vehicle, we were alone on this 123 km trip. Average speed was about 25km/h and the minimum elevation was 550 Meter, the maximum was 1950 Meter. In short, a nice escape from the asphalt roads.

First published on August 01, 2016