Petroglyphs Provincial Park

600 - 1100 year old stone carvings from Algonquin people

GPS Coordinates are N44 35.688 W78 2.364.
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Entracne to the Petroglyphs Provincial ParkThe Petroglyphs Provincial Park is about half an hour north east of Peterborough in Ontario.
The car parking and the museum are about 3km into the park, accessible on a dirt road.

When visiting the museum, take the time to watch the movie.

Artifact in the Petroglyphs Provincial Park Museum

Sculpture in the Petroglyphs Provincial Park Museum

The rock face with the symbols is protected from the elements.
You also get an excellent view over the symbols and a detailed explanation of their meaning.

Petroglyphs Provincial Park Pavillion with ancient carvings

Petroglyphs Provincial Park trail mapBring a picnic, there are two picnic areas waiting for you.

A 5.5km and a 7km trail head starts at the main parking. A 6km trail head starts at the picnic areas.

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