Nusatsum River

Road to the Odegaard Falls up to the washed out bridge.

GPS Coordinates are N52 23.305 W126 27.685.
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The road is packed gravel and in good condition where logging is active. The road after about 15 kilometers degrades and has very steep and some rough sections.

Road along Nusatsum River

The Odegaard Falls Trail is about 25 km in, but we never got that far. Part of the bridge was gone and the road was flooded. We could have made it through the water, it was about 1 foot deep. It was raining and any water crossing with the Jeep will require an inspection afterwards. So this was our point of return.

Close to Odegaard Falls Trail

The Nusatsum River is a salmon river and attracts bears and eagles. We did actually see a few bald eagles along our trip. The raod crosses the Nusatsum River several times and offers an amazing view up and down the rough water flow. The eagles didn't much like our presence and usually flew away.
Most of the road has trees on both sides, but sometimes opens up to impressive views with water falls and valleys.
There are some old roads in very rough condition where logging took place several years ago. We took the road twice and were rewarded with a great view. In only a few years, these places will be taken back by the forest.

Nusatsum River Nusatsum River Nusatsum River Nusatsum River

First published on September 13, 2019