Maple Creek

Maple Creek in Saskatchewan is a must see place just off the Trans Canada highway

GPS Coordinates are N49 54.568 W109 28.697.
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We asked for Saskatoon Berry Jam and a coffee at the Tourist Info. In past years, they carried a few jars plus other fine products from local shops. We were sent to Maple Creek, only a few minutes off the Trans Canada. We were in need of a coffee and decided to make the side trip.

Maple Creek in Saskatchewan

We liked what we saw and went for a stroll in the town.

Stroll in Maple Creek

Maple Creek street crossingMaple street in Maple Creek
The street signs were definitely not the usual kind.

The two big road sign left no doubt where we would find our coffee place. So we walked up Jasper Street.

The Daily Grind coffee shop.

Daily GrindAs soon as we stepped into the place, we knew that this is not your average coffee place. There are only a few tables and the rest of the space is taken up by everything from jars to towels and stoves. And yes, they have a modern coffee machine to brew a fresh coffee.

This is the kind of place where you really don't need a Wifi connection. There is way too much to see.

Coffee at Daily Grind in Maple Creek

During our conversation we were redirected to the Toy Store across the road.

Cowtown Kids Toy & Candy

Cowtown Kids Toy & CandyWe did not know that there are so many different Puzzle games. Hundreds of boxes and no doubles, at least not what we could see.

The upper level was dedicated to puzzles and farm toys. One giant puzzle was displayed on the wall. They claim that this is the biggest puzzle there is. No arguments from our side.

Cowtown Kids PuzzlesCowtown Kids Toy Truck

We will visit Maple Creek on our next journey again. This is likely the best coffee place in all of the Prairies.

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