Lotus Domino Resources
Intercept HTTP Errors in Domino
Configure custom pages when a resource can not be found.
There is a difference between the HTTP 404 error that shows when a file (or database) does not exist and the generic HTTP 500 error.
Message Tracking Custom Reports Application
Utility for Domino to read the Message Tracking database and expand data for export and custom reports.
   Technical Resources
Linux Firewall
Searching for the firewall software that can handle multiple external IP addresses and optianally run the DHCP and DNS server at the same time.
BIND 9.3.1 by Internet Systems Consortium Inc.
DNS Whitelist installation example for Windows 2000 Pro
   Smartphones, Tablets, Social Media
Android Contacts - Link and Unlink / Join and Separate
Android and iOS show all contacts in one place, no matter if they are kept in Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, IBM Lotus Notes or Outlook. If one and the same contact is kept in all mail systems, they are 'linked' and shown as One in the Android Contact. This document demonstrates the linking and unlinking of Contacts.
   GPS, Maps and Locations
Algonquin Provincial Park GPS Coordinates
GPS Koordinaten zur Navigation im Algonquin Park
Algonquin Park GPS Coordinates
GPS Coordinates from Algonquin Provincial Park
Riding Mountain Park GPS Coordinates
GPSKoordinaten vom Riding Mountain National Park
Riding Mountain Park GPS Coordinates
GPS Coordinates from Riding Mountain National Park
Canada wide GPS
GPS-Koordinaten von interessanten Plštze in Kanada
Canada wide GPS
GPS Coordinates from different points of interests in Canada
GPS and UTM map grid reference system
How to convert between GPS coordinates and the UTM map grid reference system
GPS-Koordinaten and UTM-Kartenrasterreferenzsystem
Konvertieren zwischen GPS-Koordinaten und dem UTM-Karten Koordinatensystem
Digital Topographic Raster Maps from Natural Resources Canada
Find and download the map. Convert the UTM coordinates to GPS coordinates.
Digitale Topografische Karten von Natural Resources Canada
Finde die Karten und lade sie herunter. Konvertiere die UTM-Koordinaten in GPS-Koordinaten.

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