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PermaLink Travelling the Maritimes08/01/2018
Category : Jeep Adventure
Truck Stop
Overnight at a Truck Stop in New Brunswick. We had the ferry to Grand Manan to catch.
The whole trip is documented in our Maritimes 2018 travel journal. Starting with 4 nights on Grand Manan, next stop in Amherst Shore and 3 other Provincial Park Camp Sites in Nova Scotia. Continue to Cape Breton Island and Prince Edward Island. The trip went flawless but not at all eventless. Lots of great places.
PermaLink All the light we need from Rigid06/30/2018
Category : Jeep Upgrades
The latest addition to the Jeep is a roof platform and better off-road lights. Back in 2016, we had to drive back to Whistler at night, kilometers away on unassumed roads. Heavy rainfalls left boulders on the road too big to just roll them away (or over). That was the moment where our urge for off-road lights was born.
Light Upgrade Before we head east to the Maritimes this summer and then back home via Esker Lakes Provincial Park in Northern Ontario, we decided to make some upgrades.
1. Roof Platform from KargoMaster
2. Off-Road lights from Rigid
3. Limb Lifter home made
The plan is to carry the spare tire from our Prolite Camping Trailer and two bicycles on the roof. We have to get as much weight off the hitch as possible. The two Propane Gas Tanks mounted on the tongue of the trailer increased the weight by over 30kg.
All these changes are part of our master plan to travel the Dempster Highway one day soon we hope.

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PermaLink Finlayson Lake, Nipissing05/20/2018
Category : Jeep Adventure
Victoria Day Long Weekend. Until a few weeks ago, the lakes up North were still covered by a sheet of ice. The leaves on the trees here in Mississauga just started to appear about two weeks ago. Time to get out of the city and breath some fresh air.
We left Friday afternoon and arrived at Marten River Provincial Park in record time. It seems that the weather forecast discouraged many people from heading north.
After speaking with the Warden at Marten River, he pointed us to McLaren Road, about 5 km south from our camp site.
We left after breakfast and headed south on Hwy 11. After the Rock Pine Hotel and Restaurant we turned west into McLaren Road. The surface is hard packed gravel and in good condition.
Finlayson Lake McLaren Road
This first impression is misleading. There will be scratches in the paint, the road to Finlayson Lake was built for ATVs and Snow Mobiles.
About 2 km in, we took the "Finlayson Lake North" road according to a tiny signs posted on the tree.

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PermaLink Dashcam continuous recording03/03/2018
Category : Jeep Upgrades
The story goes like this: We went shopping - we returned to the Jeep. Somebody hit the Jeep and left. Bumper and flare damaged. Insurance does cover the repair, but it is frustrating.
We do have a dashcam installed, but when the Jeep is parked, it does not record. I was looking into a time-delay circuit to keep recording for about two hours AFTER the Jeep is parked. My calculation was that this would cover most scenarios and not drain the car battery.

I gave up on the time delay relay and settled with a battery pack. It charges with an USB connector and it has a USB-out to power the dashcam. The USB-out port runs for about seven hours and then turns off, this is a built-in timer and I didn't find a way to overwrite. Running the dashcam on the power pack drains about 50% of the power. It works as expected and we could even jump start the Jeep if there is ever a need. The unit was on sale at Canadian Tire for $110 and it is small enough to fit into the glove compartment.
Eliminator Power Pack

And now about the dashcam.
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PermaLink Battery Isolator02/15/2018
Category : Jeep Upgrades
Battery Isolation Solenoid We found out the hard way that the trailer will 'suck' the car battery dry when left connected. The connection on the 7-pin plug supplies constant 12 volts to the trailer. So the trailer battery keeps charging and charging and charging.
We had three instances where the Jeep almost didn't start. Once back home, the research started. To make a long story short, we needed a way to disable the charging when the Jeep alternator was not providing power (=engine not running).

There are some rather expensive solutions out there, but we settled for the cheapest and simplest way, a relay. That's what this clunky 'solenoid' is, a simple relay.
I found this solenoid at 4 Wheel Parts for $21.
The big connectors on the side are battery-in and battery-out (to the 7-pin harness). The smaller connector goes to a wire that supplies power when the engine is turned on. The wiring is simple and I will follow up with the gory details once I don't have to freeze my fingers off in this cold.

And beside this solenoid installation, I'm still waiting for a time delay relay that will keep the dashcam and other accessories charged after the engine is turned off and the key removed. I hope to be able to install both at the same time.

PermaLink Algonquin Park Mew Lake Camp Site02/09/2018
Category : Jeep Adventure
Winter Camping February 2018
It was time to go Winter Camping. After all, I had to live up to the Eat - Jeep - Sleep motto. Temperature was around -8C during the day and -15C during the night. And beside having a good time, one of the primary reasons for the trip was education. I needed to know if the tent, sleeping bag, insulation mat, food, cooking and everything else perform to my expectation. The short answer - Yes.
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PermaLink Esker Lakes Provincial Park08/27/2017
Category : Jeep Adventure
We spent five nights at the park. Our site had electrical hookup to run the toaster in the morning. And since we were connected to the grid, yes, we ran the small heater one night. Could have done without it but didn't feel the urge.
We were lucky enough to get yet another site with lake view. The site #54 was overlooking the eastern part of the Panagapka Lake and part of the Sausage Lake.
And guess who we met at Sausage Lake?
Click the image to launch youTube video >>>
Launch YouTube
We didn't get a cell phone signal at our site. About 30 meters down the road we were able to connect to a tower and make phone calls, get emails and post some pictures on facebook. Posting pictures was a very lengthy exercise that tested our patience. This Temporal Rift was only 5 meters wide. Definitely a site we'll keep in mind for future trips.
Esker Lake View from our site
We learned a few things about glaciers from way back when this area was covered by a 2 km sheet of ice. As a result of the ice that moves and grinds rocks, a lot of sand was deposited here. But more about that later.
The park is about 600 km north from Mississauga and can be reached in one day with plenty of stops to make the trip pleasant. It starts on Hwy 400 from Toronto and then follow Hwy 11. Located about 35 km north of Kirkland Lake, a small town with all the stores needed to refill the cooler - or spend a rainy day exploring the towns history.

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PermaLink Nagagamisis Provincial Park07/24/2017
Category : Jeep Adventure
Nagagamisis Provincial Park Site 32
We spent three nights at the Nagagamisis camp site. Lake front property, the view was spectacular.
For all the Provincial Parks we visited, this is the most awe inspiring place so far. Many sites were occupied by seasonal permit holders. Their trailers were decorated with dim LED lights and Canada flags. Seating arrangements were finished with carpets and flower pots. They all used solar panels to keep their batteries charged and the lights going all night long.
We try to stay humble and didn't get flower pots yet

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