Saskatchewan Landing

Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park

GPS Coordinates are N50 39.665 W107 57.757.
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We often get the surprised question "Are you really driving through the Prairies?". They refer to the seemingly endless fields of crop that may get boring. "Not really" is our standard answer, there are lots of Grain elevators and trains and small towns.

View in Saskatchewan

Old style grain elevator Oh, look, tractors and stuff. And silos.
A train. We counted on average 120 cars.
A train

New style grain elevator And another.
Another train
And suddenly it's not flat anymore and the Rocky Mountains appear.
The Rockies

And we also found a real jewel of a small town on our way home, right here is Saskatchewan when we stopped in Maple Creek.
Not the only place in the Prairies that is hidden and not easily spotted from the Trans-Canada highway. Al's Steakhouse & Grill in Broadview, SK is another place we found on this trip.

This year we booked two nights in the Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park. The park is located on the South Saskatchewan River Valley down in the Brunyee Coulee. The park has several camp sites, we picked the least busy one. We had electrical hook-up and the showers are in a close-by camp site. What can we say, it was peaceful.

Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park Camp Site

Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park Museum The Goodwin House Interpretive Centre shows artifacts from times past and explains how the coulee was created. They also exhibit the fauna and flora that can be found here. Definitely a worthwhile visit before you hit the trail and explore the beauty of the place.

The trail goes up the hill, mostly grasses and shrubs. The most obvious plant is the Wild Sage and the most unexpected are the cactuses (or for our latin friends cacti). However we did not see any of the promised wild life.

We read about the White Pelicans in the area. "Pelicans? Yeah sure!!!" And then we saw one flying over us, hmm.

Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park Coulee

Wild sage, prickly berries on a prickly fence and a cactus.

Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park Wild Sage Saskatchewan Landing PP Berries
Saskatchewan Landing PP Cactus

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