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Our stories on the World Wide Web started back in 2010. Later in 2015, they got dirty and scratchy. Dirt from the trails and scratches from the shrubs. The Jeep enabled us to really enjoy the outdoors.
And this is how it happend.
Offroad Escapades in Canada aka Jeep Home
Travel Journals
Hwy 11 Ontario 2020
Trip to Kap-Kig-Iwan PP
in the Timiskaming District
Abandoned Mines
& Whistler 2020
Trip to Whistler BC
in September

West Coast 2019
Trip to Whistler and
Bella Coola
Going West

Maritimes 2018
Trip to Canadas East Coast

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Trails and Places
Algonquin Park
Riding Mountain Park
Somewhere in Somewhere in Canada

  Getting Ready
Jeep, Trails & Trailer
From the Roads, Forests and Mountains & what it takes to get there
Great Great Canadian Outdoors Outdoors
Jeep Wrangler JK Offroad Trail Index
Wrench Jeep Upgrades

This & That
Participation, Gadgets
and Impressions
My Life is a Race ...
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Embrace Winter