September 30, 2017 Day trip to Ardbeg a few minutes north of Parry Sound

GPS Coordinates are 45.641836, -80.083609.
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Ardbeg is about 300 km north of Toronto. Exit hwy 400 in Parry Sound and you will reach the place in a few minutes.

The trail starts as Clear Lake Road and is mostly packed dirt and water puddles. This place is very very popular due to it's proximity to Toronto.

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And then it was our turn.

Ardbeg trail is wet

We didn't drive all the way to the Hydro lines, but this is where the fun starts, so we were told.
We don't like mud and we don't like rock crawling, so no, this is not for us. The mud is way too much work to get off the Jeep, and the rock crawling is too expensive when it comes to repairs.

We did however enjoy the first few kilomters and stopped in a few places where we could pull over to stay clear the trail. It was a picture perfect day.

Lake on Ardbeg trail

Ardbeg trail

You can find lots of pictures and video clips, just enter "ardbeg jeep off road" in the search engine. Make sure you have a few hours to read the stories and watch the videos Smile

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