White Head Island

White Head Island New Brunswick by bicycle

GPS Coordinates are N44 37.6702 W66 43.3814.
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Bicycle excursion to White Head Island. We left the Jeep parked at the ferry docks. The island is inhabited and the only road follows the coast line for about 6 km. There is no public washroom on the island, arrive prepared.
While waiting for our passage we got curious. When we do, we go and ask: "What are you unloading?" As always on Grand Manan, the answer takes a few minutes. Starting with "We are unloading Rock Weed" followed by all kinds of interesting facts about the weed, the harbour and Grand Manan.

unloading Rock Weed in harbour

Approaching White Head Harbour, the 20 minute crossing is almost over.

Ferry ride to White Head Island

And more lobster traps, boats and docks.

Lobster Traps on White Head Island

low tide on White Head Island

A fundamental question arose: "What is the difference between a ship and a boat?"
And one of the answers is "a ship can carry a boat". Here we go, now you know.

boats on White Head Island

Low tide on White Head Island

End of the road in Gull Cove.

Gull Cove White Head Island

Along the road another sign of active Dulse processing. The seaweed is spread over rocks, covered by a net and left to dry in the sun.

Dulse drying on White Head Island

When I saw this beauty, I regretted not having the Jeep available. Instead, all I have is a picture and the knowledge that next time we will bring the Jeep to the island.

wheel on White Head Island

After exploring all 3 km left of the harbour, we had to quickly check out the 2 km right of the harbour. There is a lighthouse. So plenty of time to snap a picture and catch the next ferry back.
We got to the lighthouse and thanks to a fellow traveller who suggested to continued until we arrive at a sandy beach. Not the most obvious conclusion when riding on rocks. We found the place and it is rightly called Sandy Cove.

road to Sandy Cove on White Head Island

WOW!!! Immediatly followed by "holy barnacle on an ice cube" is that water ever cold. Yeah, the head in the water is mine, actually, I meant the head ABOVE the water.

Sandy Cove

Needless to say we missed the ferry by now, but it was not the last one anyway. We chased some seagulls with the bicycle and left tracks in the sand. All very good things to do when you have to share the beach with only two more visitors.
The tide changed and the water began to rise. The sand started to steam where the waves flushed in with the cold water.

Fog approaching on Sandy Cove

The steaming effect intensified and swallowed Ursula. Oh no, the forces of the underground claimed another victim. No wait, there she is.

creeping fog on Sandy Cove

And just to make sure that we really, really took notice of the fog, they sent in the 'Wall'.

fog wall on Sandy Cove

Time to head back, one last spin on the sand.

Last ride on Sandy Cove

The fog was not extending much further than Sandy Cove and the lighthouse. Just a few meters later we were back in the sunshine.

Sandy Cove Light House

This was an absolutely memorable experience. Within about 15 minutes from scorching heat to thick fog with a very, very comfortable temperature. I don't think this is advertised anywhere. Sandy Cove is yet another marvel in the Grand Manan Universe.
If you are looking for this beach, disembark the ferry and go right until you see the lighthouse, then turn left, keep going and you will know when you're there.

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