Maligne Lake

The Maligne Lake Road, 50 km from Jasper in Alberta.

GPS Coordinates are 52.732418, -117.636647.
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We visited the Maligne Lake on a day trip from Jasper. Make sure you have the whole day and bring lunch and good shoes. There are many places to enjoy the beauty of the lakes and canyons.

Maligne Lake

Along the way, you pass the Medicine Lake. A photo opportunity you should not miss, unless there is no water in the lake. This picture was taken in early July 2008. We were either lucky, or there was just a lot of water left. Read about the lake in your travel guide, a truly interesting story.

Medicine Lake

Small canyon on road to Maligne LakeThe road crosses over several very small, almost unnoticeable bridges. Some of them cross cracks or canyons that carry water.
Road to Maligne Lake

Take the time to visit the Maligne Canyon Hiking Trail.

Maligne Canyon Hiking TrailMaligne Canyon Hiking Trail

And watch out for the Bighorn Sheep. They own the road. Remember, don't feed them.

Bighorn Sheep

You don't want to argue with this guy. He can leave a nice dent in your vehicle. An adult male can weigh as much as 250 kg. Seeing some of the specimens in the Rocky Mountains, I have no doubt.


These two were our first bears we saw close-up since we made Canada our home.

Bear Family

Mama Bear 
Beautiful animals, always keep your distance and don't leave the car. A mama bear will protect her cub without any warning.

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