Spare Tire Garbage Bag

Spare Tire Garbage and Recycling Bag from Adventure Trail Gear

Garbage and Recycling Bag from Adventure Trail Gear The weather is finally pleasing enough to install the Spare Tire Garbage and Recycling Bag from Adventure Trail Gear. Their gear is Made in Canada and the workmanship is convincing . We have zero kilometer with the bag and no candy wrapper was placed inside yet. It will change soon.
To appreciate the details, please read about the features of the bag. That gives you an idea about the thought that went into the design of pouches, straps and fabric. The reviews of competitive products have low ratings on the fabric. The canvas used for this bag is without a doubt superior. When we got the bag a few weeks ago, we were impressed.

We chose green, but you can pick from seven different colours. If your Jeep has a rear camera mounted in the spare tire, you may have to find another spot for the camera. We installed the Garmin rear view camera and placed it inside the tire. We will move the camera to the shelf above the spare tire. This project is still in the design phase and will be completed in a few weeks. For now, we leave the bag at home until we hit the trails in two months.

Two month later on the trails
We finished all the upgrades and the Garbage and Recycling Bag already had a good workout. We moved the rear view camera and rear work light to the platform. The CB antenna moved to the side of the platform so we could load the canoe on the Jeep.
The boxes on the roof platform are too high to strap the canoe on top. We move the boxes into the Jeep and/or camping trailer when we travel. During our one week stay at Finlayson Point Provincial Park, we left the canoe on a rack down by the lake. The boxes went back on the Jeep roof rack.

Bag and platform view

Evaluation of our setup
After the one week trip to the Finlayson Point PP from where we made several day trips, we were very happy with the general setup. The upgrades worked great.
iconWe love the bag, no more garbage in the Jeep.
iconWe got four boxes for the roof rack and two for under the sleeping platform. The boxes on the rack are 9.5 inches high, the one under the Sleeping Platform are 7.5 inches high. We could have used all 7.5 inch boxes, the two extra inches are not really a big benefit.
iconThe four traction pads don't have a final spot yet. They mount behind the gas canisters and have about the same hight. We could move them all the way back, but there is no need at this time. Still looking for the perfect spot.
iconThe tailgate platform worked great. Size and height fit the generator and portable toilet well. We take them down when we don't need them to cut the weight of the Jeep.
iconThe $50 CB radio we installed in the Jeep is a real benefit. We had the handheld Midland CB for a while. Now we can take video clips from the trail and communicate easily without yelling through the forest.

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