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You are a Purchasing Agent who needs to share requirements, specifications, contracts and vendor details on goods and services. You join forces in a Purchasing Group to benefit from a greater economy of scale. We make sure your savings don't get lost in emails. The Cooperative Purchasing Service is a flexible project management system that streamlines your procurement process. Powerful collaboration tools support your decision making. Shared vendor list and member profiles keeps all contacts current.
You manage the information - We provide the tools - Together, we turn information into knowledge.

Project Management
Coordinate requirements and specifications, from information gathering to contract renewal. Always have the most current facts at your fingertips.

Structured Repository
All information is stored according to your established rules and procedures. Find your answers fast from ordered list, or search the full text index.

Create Detail and Summary Reports by Goods and Services or by Members. Export key data and create reports with your desktop application.

Document Library
Organise your meeting agendas, minutes, contract examples, spreadsheet templates or any other type of electronic file in one place. Add revisions and comments for the benefit of the group.

Ask questions, raise issues and participate in the solution finding process. Add a response or feedback if it needs clarification. Solve current issues and review them when a renewal is negotiated.

Supplier List
Share your contacts and invite new suppliers.

Supplier Maintenance
Simplify the Vendor Performance process between department and agencies.
Track insurance date expiration.

Receive a daily summary of updates by email. Immediately alert members of urgent issues.

Member Profiles
Update your contact details and set your preferences.

Access to the system is role based and requires authentication. The roles are:
  • Reader: Can read, but not add/change information
  • Author: Can post new information, but can not initiate a new project.
  • Coordinator: Can post new information and initiate new projects.
  • Administrator: Full permission to post and change any information. Also has permission to set configuration options.


  • A Project is a contract for goods or services with a start and end date. Depending on the progress of a contract, the project is assigned to a stage. This is any time between information gathering, where you explore a joint interest, all the way to contract renewal.

    Each stage has a predefined set of folders such as Requirement Specs, Member Participation, Vendor Performance etc.

    The folders are order by stage and date for quick access. Responses show as threads and can be added anytime.

    A folder stores any collection of data. A letter, contract, spreadsheet, scanned document or images and free format description.

    The system supports your existing procurement process. A one-stage or a seven-stage process and all options in between.


    Configurable Options
  • Goods and Service profiles
  • From one to seven Project Stages supporting your established process
  • Folders with names that match your established vocabulary
  • Individual profiles per member that allows them to set notification preference, contact information, password and more
  • Standard Features
  • Project management for all goods and services related items
  • Discussion room to exchange ideas and make announcements
  • Document Library for minutes and template documents
  • Shared Vendor address and contact list
  • Predefined Summary Reports by project and member
  • Data export for desktop application
  • Member profile maintenance
  • Hosting of your home pages with your own URL
  • Email notifications
  • Supports most Internet browser versions (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome)
  • Optional Features
  • SSL (data encryption over the Internet between your browser and the server)
  • Pricing
    The price is $35 per month per registered member and includes hosting and support. There is a minium monthly charge for 50 members.
    Support is available by email and by phone from Monday to Friday during business hours.
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