Agawa Rock Pictographs

A rugged trail leads to paintings from Ojibwe people

GPS Coordinates are 47.369876, -84.686353.
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The Agawa Rock Pictographs in the Lake Superior Provincial Park are worth every drop of sweat. The pictographs are facing toward the lake. If you are not 100% comfortable on narrow, sloping ledges, don't head out to the ledge. The rock is slippery from the waves and many visitors likely ended up in Lake Superior.

Even without balancing on the ledge and looking at the pictographs on the rock face, the short trail is amazing. An information panel 'Volcanoes and Thunderbirds' explains the origin of the narrow path. We won't spoil the suspense, you really have to go there and see the place.
The trail drops several steps, a combination of natural and man-made rocks. It starts the short loop down to the water.

Agawa Rock Trail

At the end of the descent, you get a view over the lake. Take some time to enjoy the vastness of Lake Superior. It truly is superior.

View over Lake Superior

Path to Pictographs The steps lead between the boulders above the water line. We could hear the waves plunging into the void between the huge rocks. This must be an amazing place when the waves are higher. Mind you, there is no way to reach the pictographs if they are any higher than what we had that morning.

End of safe path This is the end of the safe trail.

You TubeAn impression of the view over Lake Superior and the ledge to the pictographs.

The ledge to the pictographs Walking along the vertical rock face, on the slippery tilted ledge, wet from the waves and the water temperature below around 16C at best. What could possibly go wrong? The big fat ropes are actually there to pull yourself out of the water. Just don't forget to drop them down into the water before you slip Smile

To the left is one of the pictographs. The ledge is getting narrower and unpassible for most people. An Information panel earlier on our way showed all the paintings on the rock. We saw most of them. Click on the image below to see a section of the painting.

Agawa Rock Pictograph

Stairs back to the trail head The way back is through the narrow alley. The rocks are moist and covered with moss.
Agawa Rock

You may notice that we were the only visitors there. That is usually not the case. We visited Agawa Rock on our last day at 8:30AM. It was only us and the rocks.

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