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What is a domain?
Every name in the DNS tree is a domain. A domain can have subdomains
What is a zone?
A zone is a collection of domains
A zone has one or more Authorative Name Servers

Forward Mapping (or forward lookup)
Refers to Address-To-Name lookup.
Typically, a name is configured in an address record (A Type).
Reverse Mapping (or reverse lookup/reverse name lookup)
Refers to Name-To-Address lookup.
Typically, an address is configured in an Pointer record (PTR Type)

DNS Modes (or types of DNS)
Master DNS
Authority for one or more domains
A server that resolves queries
There can be multiple Master DNS
Slave DNS
Looks up and caches domains from a Master
A server that resolves queries
There can be multiple Slave DNS
Caching Name Server
A server that resolves queries
Stealth Server
A server that is not listed in the zones NS record
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