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Red Squirrel Road

May 19, 2018 - Victoria Day Long Weekend - North of Marten River Provincial Park

GPS Coordinates are N47 8.37 W79 46.1021.
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Red Squirrel Road is only a few minutes north of Temagami and the Finlayson Point Provincial Park. We found several potential spots for camping along the main road. We didn't explore much of the side trails due to the soft ground. With Temagami only a few minutes away, this is a good place to find a camp site.

For the Off Road Enthusiasts, it is a mostly Maintained Dirt Road with side trails to lakes and camping spots.
Red Squirrel Road area is mostly Crown Land (Policy ID: G165, G1970, G1974) and belong to the North Bay District. Consult the Crown Land Use Policy Atlas from the Ministry of Natural Resources for current information. Provincial Parks are regulated by a different Policy ID. Be aware, there is usually no cell phone connection.

Red Squirrel Road

Red Squirrel Road

The beavers own this place. This is likely true for the North in general.
Beaver House

It is mid May and the snow just melted. Lots of water everywhere.
Red Squirrel Road

Road into the creekRed Squirrel Road Road out on the other sideRed Squirrel Road

Red Squirrel Road

The Forest Service Roads are full of choices. Every kilometer or so is a side path. Most of them are undocumented. Only the tire tracks give you a clue that you are not the first one. It was still early in the season and the water from the snow and rain is still making some roads tricky. As a general rule, if we can not pass without damaging the trail, we don't go. Red Squirrel Road
We passed a lake and spotted this beautiful picnic place on the other side. Sooo tempting, but we were not prepared to cross the muddy terrain by foot.

Red Squirrel Road

It was not difficult to find an equally nice spot to setup the chairs and have lunch. As we explained in the Finlayson Lake trip, there were no pesky insects that ruined our peaceful lunch break.
Red Squirrel Road

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First published on May 19, 2018

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