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First published on May 12, 2011
Last revised on August 21, 2015
Logging Museum
Algonquin Provincial Park - Logging Museum

GPS Coordinates for Logging Museum are N45 32.647 W78 15.797
Map with UTM grid, Zone 17, NAD27 Easting=713648 Northing=5046823.  
You can find more information at the Logging Museum webpage.
Look for the Loggers Day at the end of July. See how it was done in the old days. Logging Museum

Approaching the Logging Museum from highway 60.
Entrance to the Logging Museum from hwy 60

Enter the Logging Museum through the main building. Take the few minutes to watch the introduction movie, an excellent document about the logging history.
Logging Museum Entrance

The first building you will see is this marvel of a log house.
Sleeping quarters

Fire Place in the sleeping quarter
Fire Place inside the sleeping quarters

Further into the trail you'll find several historic artifacts and machines.
Alligator, the amphibious tug boat

This picture was taken in 2004. Not sure if the truck is still part of the exhibit.
Logging Truck

The Logging Museum is open all year.
Old steam Loc in winter

Logging Truck in winter

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