BlackBerry connection to IBM Lotus Domino

How to connect your Blackberry Z10 and Leap phones email, calendar and contacts to the Lotus Notes Domino server

October 2018: I had no reason to change my hardware but installed FixPack 8 earlier this year. The server is up for over 80 days again without the need for maintenance. This is my primary email server and the Traveler server. It just runs. The BlackBerry Z10 is replaced with the BlackBerry Leap. Same OS - different shell. I'm waiting for a new touch-only BlackBerry Android device. I hope they will bring one to market next year.

October 2017: It's nice when things just work without problems. IBM Notes Traveler is now in release 9.5, so is Domino. Several maintenance upgrades to keep the new devices running. Currently I have Android 5 and 7 devices connected, my BlackBerry Leap, Windows 10 and iPhones and iPads running iOS 9, 10 and 11. The document below is still relevant except where there is a reference to a release. My systems run on the latest versions and all servers run on Linux. I gave up the Windows Server when I replaced the BlackBerry Enterprise Server with the IBM Notes Traveler. I retired my Blackberry PlayBooks a while ago and use the iPad Air instead.

March 2013: Before I start with the setup and configuration, this is what you need to know:
A month has past and as of April 2013, the IBM Domino R9 and Notes Traveler R9 are releases are available. The connection between Domino and BlackBerry Z10 is still the same. If you plan to upgrade from R8.5 to R9, you may want to read Setup IBM Notes Traveler R9 for BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry PlayBook, Android, iPhone and iPad
BlackBerry 10 Setup
  • The BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) or BES Express is not needed anymore
  • The mail, calendar and Contacts synchronization uses Lotus Notes Traveler and Active Sync as the protocol
  • Memos and Tasks synchronization are not yet supported with Lotus Notes Traveler (as per March 2013 Domino R8.5).
  • BlackBerry with the OS 10 work with Notes Traveler and use the Active Sync.
  • BlackBerry with Android use IBM VERSE, same as the other Android devices.
  • The Contacts have to be in the mail file (web mail setup). More details below.
  • The BlackBerry Link program that connects the BlackBerry to your email will work differently. More details below.

  • Do you have the most current release on your Lotus Domino server? If not, I recommend to upgrade to R8.5.3 which is the most current release as per early March 2013. With the Domino server, you will need the Lotus Notes Traveler installed as well. The Traveler software is a free add-on to the Domino server and entitles all messaging users to synchronize their mobile devices. That includes tablets and smart phones or both. And yes, you can configure all your devices and have them synchronize concurrently, be it an Android, iOS, Windows or the new BB 10 OS. Any update on your tablet will reflect on the server and on the smart phone and vice versa.
    You can setup both your BlackBerry Z10/Leap. The BlackBerry Link application does not read your email or calendar from the phone anymore. If you need any or all of the mail/calendar/contact information on the BlackBerry PlayBook, you have to connect with Lotus Notes Traveler. The BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry PlayBook show all your contacts consolidated, the ones from Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail and any other Account that you have setup. The system links (or joins) the same contacts into one profile for you to view. It DOES NOT synchronize data between the different Accounts. Refer to the Android Smartphone, Linking and Unlinking of Contacts for examples. When you send a message, you get the option to choose the Account first so your email is sent with the correct reply address.
    The BlackBerry Bridge still lets you Remote Control you PlayBook. A very nice feature when the PlayBook is in presentation mode, the phone is now your controller. Also works great when you connect the PlayBook to the TV and watch a movie or just simply show the latest pictures from your vacation. You have full control over the PlayBook from your phone. The BlackBerry Bridge also lets you look at files on the other device.
    Please read BlackBerry Z10 first impressions where I talk more about features that are available and the ones that are not.

    If you decide to use security features beyond the standard wipe and lock, you will have to get the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 installed. This immediately opens up all the enhanced security features and the BlackBerry Balance. BlackBerry Balance lets you separate personal and company data. This article does not cover these features. I have the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 installed and will write about the integration at a later time. To make your decision process simpler and cost often being one of the first questions, the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is free, but you will have to pay about $100 per year per user. This price is for small and medium companies, there are different options for larger institutions.

    Verify your mail file
    Lotus Traveler synchronizes your mail file with your device. Please refer to the Lotus Notes Traveler site @ IBM for details. So all the data has to be in the mail file including the Contacts. If you are a Lotus Notes user with the Notes client software installed on your PC, Mac or Linux desktop, you may only keep your Contacts in the personal address book. If you use web mail and your contacts are available in the browser, you are set. If you use both, the desktop and webmail, you may already have the synchronization setup.
    This is very easy to check.
    Open your mail file with the Notes Client and click the icon above the folders.
    Then select Switch to Mail Contacts.
    If you get all your contacts, we are likely ok.
    CAUTION: DO NOT click the Contacts from the Open option, the system will open the Personal Address Book.

    The next steps show how to setup the Contacts synchronization.
    Verify Contact setup in Lotus Notes

    Synchronize Contacts
    The first step is to check the enable Synchronize Contacts in the Preferences.
    In the menu, go to
    >File >Preferences
    Then select the Contacts option from the left menu and check the Enable "Synchronize Contacts" ...

    Enable Synchronize Contacts

    Switch to the Replication page
    >Open >Replication and Sync
    Check the Enable box to keep the contacts synchronized between the Personal Address Book on the local Notes Client and the Contacts in the mail file.

    Enable option in Replication and Sync
    This will only work when you also enable replication. You can automatically replicate before the Notes Client shuts down, or just do it manually.
    So far so good, now we have the Contacts where they should be.

    Lotus Notes Traveler setup
    If the Traveler is running with other devices, no further action is required. Depending on your setup, you have to go through the same steps as any other Traveler client activation. The two steps often overlooked are:
  • Add Traveler permission in the users mail file ACL. The server where Traveler is running needs full access to the users mail file.
  • Add the user to the group that gives permission to use Traveler (see below).
    If you are new to Lotus Notes Traveler, follow the installation instructions. This document here does not replace the instructions that can be found at IBMs Traveler page. Follow the Product Documentation link under the Use and maintain heading.
    Traveler uses port 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) to communicate with the devices. Even if you use Active Sync, only the two ports need to be opened in the Firewall.
    The Traveler configuration is part of the server document. In the Domino Directory. Go to
    >Configuration >Servers >All Server Documents
    then click the Lotus Traveler tab all the way over to the right.
    Enter the correct External Server URL and make sure to append the /servlet/traveler path.
    Enter the users (or group) in Access server that have access to the Lotus Notes Traveler.
    BlackBerry 10 Setup

    Connect the device
    On your BlackBerry Z10, open the browser and enter the same URL as configured in the Server Document External Server URL. Include the HTTPS:// in the URL. If the SSL certificate is not from a public Certification Authority, you may get a warning that the certificate can not be verified and/or trusted. Accept the exception to prevent further warnings. When you get the Traveler Page on your BlackBerry Z10 (see Browser Page below), this proves that the userid and password are working and that the URL is accessible. Keep in mind that Traveler uses the web credentials to authenticate, so you will need the same id and password that was used to login with the browser. For the BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry PlayBook setup, no further action on this page are required. (For iOS and Android, read the page and follow the instructions)
    The next step is the Account setup on the device. Open the System Settings, then tap the Accounts option. Tap Add Account at the bottom menu bar. Tap Email, Calendar and Contacts and tap Advanced at the bottom menu. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync from the list.

    See Add Account 1 belowEnter a Description for the account
    DO NOT enter a Domain
    Enter the same Username from the Browser login before
    Enter your Email Address
    Enter the same Password from the Browser login before
    See Add Account 2 belowEnter the Server Address without the https prefix. Just enter the full URL including the /servlet/traveler
    Slide the Use SSL On, this will automatically set the Port number to 443.
    Leave the other settings unless you use a VPN to connect. Follow the Traveler documentation for details.
    Browser Page
    BlackBerry 10 Setup
    Add Account 1
    BlackBerry 10 Setup
    Add Account 2
    BlackBerry 10 Setup
    Once you save the profile, the Account is setup and synchronization starts immediately. You may get another certificate warning, accept the warning and add the exception. Read the message carefully and make sure to check the Add Exception box if there is one.
    If you get an error, it is often caused by a misspelling in one of the fields. The previous test with the browser has proven that you have access to the server. If the problem persists, try to connect without the SSL option on. The port will change to 80. If this works, switch back to SSL and see if you get a connection now.

    When you open the IBM Lotus Notes Traveler database, you will see the new device in the list
    BlackBerry 10 Setup

    Setup email on your PlayBook
    With the previous BlackBerry devices, the email was on the phone and BlackBerry Bridge gave you access to the information. With the BlackBerry 10 OS, the Bridge application will not show the email, contact or calendar information anymore. You can configure the PlayBook the same way as the BlackBerry Z10. Synchronize any or all email, contacts and/or calendar to the BlackBerry PlayBook as well. It is absolutely fine to have two devices synchronize the same mail file. I never ran into a problem as long as you work on one device only and don't update the same entries concurrently. I'm running the Lotus Traveler software with my BlackBerry PlayBook ever since I got my PlayBook. Never experienced any issues with this connection.

    Update April 2013: Domino and Traveler 9 (english) were just released for Passport Customer a week ago. There are some new features, for more details refer to and follow the >Products >Software >Lotus (collaboration) links. You can read about the IBM Domino and IBM Notes Traveler upgrade here

    First published on March 01, 2013
    Last revised on October 15, 2018

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