Add the Facebook Like Button to your web page


Launch Facebook in your browser and click on the Developers link at the button of the page, or go directly to

You get to this page and can chose from different resources. The Showcase links may present some ideas on how to implement the Facebook connection.

For the purpose of this document, I chose to use the fast way by adding the Like button to this page here.

Click the Add Facebook to my Site button.

Read through the Facebook for Web Sites page to familiarize yourself with all the options. Somewhere down, you see the Get started by checking out our entire suite of social plugins, click the link and you see all the possible options.

My choice is the Link Button as you can see to the left in the Navigation pane.

Making it work is a bit temperamental, the URL has to be dead-on. When I was using the full Domino URL, the Like logic didn't work and returned without remembering me. After I added a Redirect URL and didn't add the slash at the end of the URL, it suddenly worked - but again, not consistently. I tried all different ways, with very mixed results. This was also confirmed by several posts in the Facebook Developers Forum.

As it stands now, it works when I'm logged into Facebook, but returns Be the first ... when I'm not. It was my understanding that it should return some other text. Oh well, I'm leaving it there for now and I will monitor the status.

I'm planning to play with some other plugins and will update my findings here.
First published on April 26, 2010

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