Riding Mountain Park GPS Coordinates

GPS Coordinates from Riding Mountain National Park

GPS Coordinates for Riding Mountain Park GPS Coordinates are 50.658386, -99.971131
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The Riding Mountain National Park is located in Manitoba, Canada, on the Manitoba Escarpment. Additional information can be found at Friends of Riding Mountain.

One of the main reasons to visit the park is the Bison Range. About 40 Bison roam here.
There is some luck involved to find them, the Range is quite large. We were there in 2011 and didn't get a good look at these impressive animals. When we finally returned in Summer 2019, we left early in the morning and got rewarded.

Take some time to visit Wasagaming. You will enjoy the many stores and restaurants.

Don't forget your swim suit, the beach in Wasagaming is very popular.

Trails and camp sites
  • Arrowhead Trail
    A 3.4 km trail, located a few kilometer east of Wasagaming on the way to the East Gate
  • Bison Exhibit
    The exhibit is located insinde the Bison Range, overlooking a large area of grass land.
  • Bison Range Gate East
    Drive through the Bison Gate and find the herd.
  • Bison Range Gate South
    Drive through the Bison Gate and find the herd.
  • Burls & Bittersweet and Gorge Creek Trails
    B&B trail is 2.2km, Gorge Creek is 6.4km and start from the same location
  • Central Trail and Strathclair Trails
    Central Trail is over 60km, Strathclair Trail is over 60km
  • Clear Spring Bog Picnic
    The site has benches and fire grills, don't forget the charcoal
  • Crawford Creek Trail
    A 5km trail for hiking and cross country skiing
  • Riding Mountain East Gate
    Picturesque entrance to the park from the east
  • Grey Owl, Brl, Kinosao Trails
    Several trails from 2km to 17km start here
  • Lake Audy Trail
    More a camp and picnic site then a trail
  • Lake Katherine
    Camp side and canoe launch
  • Riding Mountain Lookout
    Not an official point, but take a minute to enjoy the view
  • Moon Lake Trail
    A 9km trail
  • North Escarpment
    A 9km trail and access point to Bald Hill Junction, Breezy Hill Camp and East Deep Lake Camp
  • Rolling River Road Junction
  • South Escarpment Trail
    A 32km trail and access point to Campbell Lake and Muskrat Lake camp sites
  • Whirlpool Lake Camp
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