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I use the BlackBerry Bold 9700 with OS version 6. I have the BlackBerry Traffic App running for some time and always appreciated the traffic information. Being able to select a destination from the Contact is by far the most convenient feature, no retyping of address.

Traffic App running in Truck
A few weeks ago, I upgraded to Traffic version 3. What a difference - it now talks. The navigation instructions are very precise and clear. There is no graphical map interface that shows your position and I'm not missing it.
The BlackBerry Bold is mounted in the Bracketron windshield mount. After finding the right spot that does not disturb my vision, it works extremely well. I had the Traffic App running concurrently with the Garmin Car GPS.

I used it for places nearby within a 30 km radius, all suburban destinations without interference of many tall buildings. I also used it for customer visits up to 100km away, highway traffic and smaller cities and towns. The Toronto Downtown test is still pending.

BlackBerry Traffic Apps
My Places shows the last used destinations or lets you select from your Contacts.

The Traffic App has to validate the address, then plot the route, all this over a 3G network. It is still faster then typing the destination into the Garmin.

BlackBerry Traffic Apps
The system takes about 5 seconds to return the route options.
Recalculating the route is done with the same speed, also in line with the Garmin GPS.

BlackBerry Traffic Apps
One of the menu options shows your trip statistics.
Another screen lists the turn by turn instructions (not shown here).

BlackBerry Traffic Apps
The option I like most is the email notification. If you get stuck in traffic, you don't have to call the customer, you can simply send your ETA by email.

Keep in mind that you need Internet access on your phone for the Traffic App to work. If you plan a trip across Canada, bring your car GPS - dedicated GPS units will work with AND without a cell tower nearby.

Update March 2012: Ugraded to BlackBerry 9900 with OS version 7. Little or no changes, still works and still lov'n it.

First published on January 23, 2012

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