IBM Enterprise Integrator for Domino (LEI)

What can LEI do? The obvious ... and the scheduling tool


IBM Enterprise Integrator for Domino connects all your data. LEI and DECS (Domino Enterprise Connection Services) go hand-in-hand, DECS is the real-time part, LEI is the batch part.

So, what is the obvious? LEI and DECS move data, extract data and synchronise data. This is the information you get when you go to the IBM website. Once you start to work with the different options and functions, you find a set of tasks that can perform 'almost' miracles with your data. The most generic tasks which makes up the core of LEI are:
Direct Transfer transfers data from one database to another. The databases don't need to be Domino or structured, this can be a text file or a spread sheet.
Replication synchronies data in different databases. The data sources don't have to be Domino.
Scripted executes an agent in any Domino Database. Java is the equivalent to run Java
Polling polls a database to see if a specified condition exists, and, if so, executes an activity.

Data Connectors include: Notes, DB2, ODBC, Text, File, Sybase, Oracle 7, Oracle 8, OLE DB
Once you have an ODBC connection, you can configure a task in LEI. Keep in mind that spread sheets and CSV files can also be setup as an ODBC source.

All the tasks have a scheduling option so you don't need to click a button when the task has to start. The tasks also have a dependency option that starts another task when the current one finished. This way you can string several tasks together and perform a sequence of data manipulations.

Many Domino shops use LEI to get data in and out of different applications and systems. Data sources from SAP, JDE, BPCS and many more, an LEI task pulls data out and updates the Domino applications. In most cases, LEI is an afterthought in a Domino application. We prefer to utilise the power of LEI in our applications and schedule activities to perform the needed tasks. LEI can be an integral part of any data manipulation, down to the monthly scheduled agent that reorganises expired documents.

Consider this scenario. You have an application to maintain your companies phone directory. This is your base information for departmental groups. Employee name, department and supervisor is all you need to update groups in the Domino Directory that are as current as your phone directory. Simple LEI tasks with almost no programming can accomplish this. Or if you have the Domino Directory and need the information in the company phone directory, LEI can do this as well. You can even export the phone directory or a subset thereof into a spreadsheet and have it sent by email to your business partners.

Contact us if your data is locked up in different systems and you don't get the data moved while you sleep - LEI may be the solution. And keep in mind that LEI can also get cruel and wake you up if something goes wrong, but only if you tell it to.

For more information about LEI please visit IBM Enterprise Integrator for Domino

First published on January 14, 2008
Last revised on December 13, 2018

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