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First published on March 13, 2006
Last revised on September 28, 2011
Adobe Acrobat
Import Digital ID

Import the Digital ID into Adobe Acrobat

I'm using Adobe Acrobat 6 in my examples, the fully licensed version. If you are using a 3rd party pdf writer, you may not have all the options available.

Select > Advanced > Manage Digital IDs > My Digital ID...

Select the Digital ID and click Add...

Note: This option reads the Microsoft Certificate Store. You could also use the file from before.

Click on Settings...

select Always use this Digital ID and Use this Digital ID for: Signing documents.

Don't use the Encryption option.

Click OK and you will notice a pen on the ID. This indicates that this certificate will be used for signing.

Now we can add a digital signature to pdf documents. When we create the document with Adobe Acrobat. Click on > Sign > Sign this document and follow the prompts. You have several options to add valuable information to the signature.

MySignedDocument.pdfReview my sample document here and verify the signature.
There is an option to hide the signature.

This document was signed a few years ago and the signature expired.
Even so you are getting a notification, the signature still confirms that the document HAS NOT been modified.

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