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First published on September 28, 2011
Lotus iNotes (web)
Import a Digital ID and Notes ID in iNotes

The process to import a digital ID is different for iNotes users and Lotus Notes desktop users. If you are using both clients, you have to repeat the process twice, or import the digital ID in the Lotus Notes client first, then import the Notes ID which now includes the Internet Certificate into iNotes.

iNotes: Import the Notes ID and Internet Certificate

Open the Preferences in iNotes.

Click >Security

All password, Notes ID and Internet Certificate options are here.

You MUST have the Notes ID in the mail file already before you can import the Internet Certificate.

Depending on the browser, the information may not be correct. Even so there is no Notes ID, IE 9 indicates that the mail file contains a Notes ID file.

Click on >Notes ID Info

If you get an error, the Notes ID is not loaded. Click >Import Notes ID and get the file from your Notes Data Directory, usually called or {yourName}.id or from your Notes Administrator.

When the Notes ID info box opens, you see a list of existing certificates.

Click >Manage Internet Certificates
Then select >Import
Find the .P12 or .PFX file and enter the passwords for the Certificate file and the Notes ID file.

Once you accumulate signatures over the years, you can set the one which is used for signing the email. The system usually picks the one that was last imported.
DO NOT DELETE old certificates, you still need them to decrypt your messages in the archive and for auditing purposes.

To change the signing certificate, highlight the one, then click on the SMIME Sign heading.

Signing mail in iNotes

When you create a new message, check the Sign box. When you send the message, the electronic signature will be added.

To prevent the checking of the box every time you send a message, you can set the signing as the default.
Open the Preferences in iNotes,
then go to >Mail > General.

Now every time you compose a message, the option is already checked.

iNotes: Receiving a signed message

When you receive a message with a digital signature, a small icon appears beside the senders name, Move the cursor over the icon and a text box appears showing the certificate information.

When the certificate is not yet imported (Cross Certified), you get a message that the signer is not trusted. You will need System Administration rights to add the cross certificate to the Domino environment. Again, the fastest way to get the certificate added to the Domino Directory is by having the sender email a signed message to your System Administrator. They will be able to cross certify and make the certificate trusted.

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