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First published on September 28, 2011
Mozilla FireFox
Export and Import Digital ID

Mozilla FireFox: Export the Certificate

Now we need to export the certificates to keep a copy in a secure backup location. FireFox by default creates a file with a .p12 extension. This extension is used for certificates that include public AND private keys.

In FireFox, select >Tools >Options from the menu.
Then select >Advanced >Encryption tab

Click >View Certificates

Under the tab Your Certificates, you should see your newly imported certificate from VeriSign.

Highlight the certificate, then click >Backup.
Enter a filename, the PKCS12 file type is the default. If not, create a PKCS12 format and include all certificates when asked.
Enter a strong password for the file. This is your identity and needs to be protected at all times.
Mozilla FireFox: Import the Certificate: If you already have an PKCS12 file from another source and need to import the certificates into FireFox, just click Import, select the file and then supply the password and it's done.

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