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PermaLink Sudbury and Windy Lake Provincial Park02/17/2019
Category : Jeep Adventure
February Long Weekend in Sudbury and Windy Lake Provinical Park about 40 minutes north. After looking at many pictures from the park, it is now time to see for ourself.
We arrived in Sudbury late afternoon on Friday and the city workers were still struggling with the snow cleanup. The sidwalks and parking lots were a mess. The good news, the forecast for Saturday was 'clear sky'. And they were right. Windy Lake cabin
First stop on Saturday was at the Windy Lake Provincial Park. They have two beautiful cabins right at the lake. This will be on our list next winter.

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PermaLink Huntsville and Algonquin Park in early January01/03/2019
Category : Jeep Adventure
First trip in the new year. We came for the Fire And Ice skating extravaganza at Arrowhead PP, but turned around before we got stuck on the lineup to enter the park.
So we just enjoyed the night life in Huntsville and went to the movies. This was after we had the most delicious dinner in the On The Docks Pub.
Huntsville and Algonquin Park

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PermaLink Google Home12/02/2018 03:13 PM
Category : Hey, why not

Once upon a time there was a kitchen timer. It stopped working.

This is not the end.

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Kitchen Timer vs Google Home Mini

PermaLink Travelling the Maritimes08/01/2018
Category : Jeep Adventure
Truck Stop
Overnight at a Truck Stop in New Brunswick. We had the ferry to Grand Manan to catch.
The whole trip is documented in our Maritimes 2018 travel journal. Starting with 4 nights on Grand Manan, next stop in Amherst Shore and 3 other Provincial Park Camp Sites in Nova Scotia. Continue to Cape Breton Island and Prince Edward Island. The trip went flawless but not at all eventless. Lots of great places.

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PermaLink 2018 Toronto Triathlon Festival - Sprint Triathlon07/22/2018
Category : Swim Run Bike
Toronto Triathlon Festival 2018 After a one year break from any of the races, it was time again to do the swim-run-bike routine. Never did the Toronto Triathlon Festival, just don't like to drive downtown. But riding the bike on the Gardiner Express was too tempting.

The race can be summed up in one sentence: "Athletes huddled in the water to stay dry". It was raining non-stop. I reached my goal and finished just under 1:44. To put this in perspective, that's overall 333/546.

I was back home for lunch and felt excellent even so it was late afternoon until I got all the water out my left ear.

PermaLink All the light we need from Rigid06/30/2018
Category : Jeep Upgrades
The latest addition to the Jeep is a roof platform and better off-road lights. Back in 2016, we had to drive back to Whistler at night, kilometers away on unassumed roads. Heavy rainfalls left boulders on the road too big to just roll them away (or over). That was the moment where our urge for off-road lights was born.
Light Upgrade Before we head east to the Maritimes this summer and then back home via Esker Lakes Provincial Park in Northern Ontario, we decided to make some upgrades.
1. Roof Platform from KargoMaster
2. Off-Road lights from Rigid
3. Limb Lifter home made
The plan is to carry the spare tire from our Prolite Camping Trailer and two bicycles on the roof. We have to get as much weight off the hitch as possible. The two Propane Gas Tanks mounted on the tongue of the trailer increased the weight by over 30kg.
All these changes are part of our master plan to travel the Dempster Highway one day soon we hope.

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PermaLink Finlayson Lake, Nipissing05/20/2018
Category : Jeep Adventure
Victoria Day Long Weekend. Until a few weeks ago, the lakes up North were still covered by a sheet of ice. The leaves on the trees here in Mississauga just started to appear about two weeks ago. Time to get out of the city and breath some fresh air.
Finlayson Lake McLaren Road
We left Friday afternoon and arrived at Marten River Provincial Park in record time. It seems that the weather forecast discouraged many people from heading north.

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PermaLink Dashcam continuous recording03/03/2018
Category : Jeep Upgrades
The story goes like this: We went shopping - we returned to the Jeep. Somebody hit the Jeep and left. Bumper and flare damaged. Insurance does cover the repair, but it is frustrating.
We do have a dashcam installed, but when the Jeep is parked, it does not record. I was looking into a time-delay circuit to keep recording for about two hours AFTER the Jeep is parked. My calculation was that this would cover most scenarios and not drain the car battery.

I gave up on the time delay relay and settled with a battery pack. It charges with an USB connector and it has a USB-out to power the dashcam. The USB-out port runs for about seven hours and then turns off, this is a built-in timer and I didn't find a way to overwrite. Running the dashcam on the power pack drains about 50% of the power. It works as expected and we could even jump start the Jeep if there is ever a need. The unit was on sale at Canadian Tire for $110 and it is small enough to fit into the glove compartment.
Eliminator Power Pack

And now about the dashcam.
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